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1 - Photoshoot with an inner city angst feel. Models in age range/look/attitude. High fashion. 

Energy should be volatile/sterile/body positions forced.



Rigid, quick cuts, tripod and walking up to subjects.

use of white wall and on camera light.

end of summer anthem.


This week #33


- Photographer Story: The Style Line

-  proposal for subscription/style line  $

 - proposal Picket Fence Pastries $

 - Proposal for D Reece $ 

- Storyboard for Teaspressa ?

- Storyboard for Hannah Minkner . Kennedy Dawn

- EDIT Modern Moni


- Edit Shortfilm

- Propose Lookbook + Edit WAR Cry Warrior $


 - Package Deal for Headshots 250 / 200    + Video Snippet 30second + monologue 


Vision Board + Squarespace for Static